About TMGF


Who We Are

TMGF - The Mother Global Foundation

Founder: Padma Shri Dr. Sindhutai Sapkal 'Maai'

The Mother Global foundation - an NGO working for orphan’s education and health across India. Donate money to NGO for orphan’s education & health and help a child in need.

The Problem

Social Problems we are Tackling

  • - Orphans face difficulty in coming back to the mainstream after leaving the orphanages due to self-doubt, lack of exposure and confidence
  • - Lack of educational opportunities for orphans and the very poor and backward because of acute poverty
  • - Constant struggle for finding food and shelter
  • - No or very poor medical help/ support/ care


The Solution

Initiatives we have Undertaken

  • - Setup up/ Establish orphanages to provide Food and Shelter for orphan children and destitutes
  • - Dedicated focus on education and schooling of each child
  • - Provide proper medical care/ help/ support at hospitals and medical centres
  • - Providing an atmosphere of happy home for the children to gain confidence, emotional stability and a sense of belonging


The Impact

Impact of our initiatives

  • - Nurtured and raised 2100+ orphaned children and destitutes
  • - Currently nuturing 260+ orphaned children and destitues at 4 Orpahnages
  • - Currently 260+ children are attending 12 different schools and 5 colleges
  • - 1000+ children are working and earning a stable livelihood
  • - 400+ children are married and leading a happy life with their family






Orphans in Care


Orphans Nurtured

Our Team

Backbone of TMGF

People who inspire us, guide us and help us to undertake initiatives and achieve our goals

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